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Without Changing The Core Of Who You Are


Do You Feel Like The World Just Doesn’t Understand You?

You’ve lived a successful life by most standards, but crave something more?

Your closest friends and family see you as a good man who does a lot of things right…however something feels off?

You feel like you’ve always had to play things safe, never rock the boat and don’t get to have a life of passion and excitement. 

You’ve got all this potential within you, but it feels like you won’t get the chance to actually share it with the world.

I’ve felt that way too, let me tell you a little more about my story. 

My name is

Andrew Mundy

From the age of 13 to 30, I feel like my experience of life can be summed up in one word – underachiever. 

While I looked the part and people were impressed with my values and judgement, I often felt my life was quite average. 

Failure and disappointment struck me hard in my mid-twenties and to cope with the pain and frustration, I became addicted to video games. It felt like I had become shunned from the real world, so I had to create a fictional one for myself to mask the pain. 

Fortunately things changed after the birth of my first son. It became very apparent to me that there would be two paths in front of me. The familiar one where I’d continue to hide myself from the world and live an average life. Or the uncomfortable path where I’d actually strive for something better in my life and create a legacy that my son would be proud of to follow. I had to choose a path

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