Let me give you some backstory that led to the creation of this membership, The Early Risers.

So I’ve been in the coaching world for almost four years now. Most of that work has been focused on supporting clients to create transformation in their lives in a private relationship. It’s been a lot of deep, intimate and powerful work and it requires a commitment of time, energy, finances and willpower from the client. 

Throughout that time I’ve also had the opportunity to conduct both men’s groups for other communities and have facilitated the monthly virtual called for the No More Mr. Nice Guy Community as well. It has basically been my training ground to test and hone in on how I’d want to create my own membership program. The time has finally come to release a membership to the public. 

So here’s what I’m looking to deliver with The Early Risers.

  • The focus on this membership is support each individual in developing their capacity to both declare and then fulfill on the life that they want to create. This will be supported through a process that every individual will report weekly on what they are looking to create for the week and then will be accountable to report back on how their week went. I’ll also be introducing tools that will support members in planning out their months and years as well. 
  • There will be a coaching call that is held on Mondays (except Canadian Holidays) at 5am PST / 8am EST. The call will be 1 ½ hours long . This call will provide the opportunity for folks to get supported in building the muscle of intentionality and building the integrity and character that follow through will become a natural way of being. That is the focus of this whole membership, but there will also be opportunities for members to receive coaching from me in other areas of life as well. If you can’t attend the weekly coaching call, a replay will be posted in the private group.
  • I’ll be providing some of the best tools and strategies that I know of that will support members in sharpening their mindset, crafting their vision for life and putting structures in place that will support in creating self-accountability and momentum week after week. 
  • We will be adding additional coaching calls as the community continues to grow. I’m planning to have more calls added at a variety of dates/times to ensure that members have plenty of choices when it comes to attending live calls.
  • Outside of the coaching call and the weekly check-in, you’ll have the opportunity to share in our private group what is happening in your life. You’ll not only be supported by me throughout the week, but you’ll also be supported by the other members of the community as well. One thing I’m an absolute stand for is that all members of the community will be supportive and caring of your growth, but they will also challenge you to be the best version of yourself. 
  • I’ll also be facilitating a live video in the group on a regular basis that will either have a training component or will provide support for questions that get posted. This will help create a tight container outside of the coaching calls for the group. That we are a group can have dialogue throughout the week and support one another to actually create the life we want. 

How does this all sound to you? 

Are you interested in joining the first cohort of The Early Risers?


If so, you’ll be joining as one of the founding members of the community which means you’ll pay the lowest rate of membership and will also have your rate locked in. 

There are four options to choose from:

OPTION 1: Monthly Membership – Founders Rate – $100 USD/month

OPTION 2: Annual Membership – Founders Rate – $1000 USD/year (Two Months of Membership Included for Free) 

OPTION 3: Monthly Membership – Founders Rate and Monthly Private Coaching Call – $300 USD/month (Minimum Commitment of 4 Months). 

OPTION 4: Annual Membership – Founders Rate and 4 Private Coaching Calls – $1800 USD/year (Two Months Free of Membership Included for Free – Minimum Commitment of 4 Coaching Sessions).


If you are interested in joining The Early Risers. Please let me know via email at andrew@andrewmundy.com or via FB messenger. If we’ve been in discussion in the past and I’ve determined you are a good fit for the culture we are creating, I’ll send you a payment link and once paid, get you onboarded into our membership area.

If I haven’t talked with you over the phone or Zoom before, I’ll want to get on a call with you for 20-30 minutes to ensure that you will be a good fit for the culture of this membership. If you get the go-ahead to join after our call, I’ll send you a payment link and once paid, get you onboarded into our membership area.

There will only be 20 paid founders positions in this first cohort. If you are interested in joining us, but the 20 spots are filled, you’ll have to wait until the next phase of membership opens up in the future.


For The Early Risers there will be a policy implemented that you give a minimum of 30 days notice if you plan to leave the membership. Please email me at andrew@andrewmundy.com for all support and/or cancellation requests. If you wish to cancel and are under 30 days until your next payment is due, you will be asked to make your final payment and you’ll have access to the membership for one more month. 

For Annual Purchasers, there won’t be any refunds given if you decide to cancel in the 12-month period that you enrolled in. However if you do wish to cancel your subscription for the following year, please give 30 days notice prior to when your next payment is due. Please email me at andrew@andrewmundy.com for all support and/or cancellation requests.