Here’s How You Create The Life You Want 

Without Changing The Core Of Who You Are


This is a 4-month experience where you’ll create the foundation of the authentic life you’ve always wanted. 

You’ll get access to some of the best tools, exercises and strategies that I’ve discovered to help you consistently plan your days for success. 

You’ll also get coaching from me on a weekly basis where we will attack any resistance, fear or anxiety that shows up as you move forward with your life. 

You’ll also have access to me outside of the coaching calls via email, text messaging and spot coaching calls if needed. 

By the end of the experience, you’ll feel more calm, focused and confident in how you engage with the world outside of you. You’ll have a better idea of what you want, how to get your needs met and achieve the goals that you set on a consistent basis.

Who Am I?

My name is Andrew Mundy. I’m a husband, father, friend and proud supporter of men. I know the hardships that men face in all areas of life. For many of us there isn’t a roadmap or even mentorship in how we can be at our best. 

If you are like me, you’ve likely experienced the effects of youth without a father figure. You’ve had to carve your own path because there wasn’t anyone to show you the way. You’ve likely had a lot of success in your life, but you’ve also been dealt your fair share of failure as well. The failure is what continues to sting, what continues to cause pain and you don’t see a way of moving past it. 

Add on that you’ve got family, friends and even children that rely on you to be at your best. It’s challenging and demands more out of you than you ever thought would be needed.

At least that’s how I’ve felt for the last few years. I knew that to create a life that was more than just average… I’d have to step up and play the game of life bigger than ever before.

Show The Essence Of Who You Are To The World

You see if I know anything about you… it’s likely that you are not allowing the world to see the amazing person that you are.

You likely hide your achievements so that you don’t make others feel bad about themselves.

You don’t ask for what you want in life, because you are afraid that you’ll be disappointed either by what you get. 

You can’t have what others have, because you’ve been told a story that you aren’t worth it.

Have you considered though… that all these things could be lies?

That you don’t have to live this way?

In fact there could be a better life out there for you?

That’s why I created The Authentic Man.

My stand is that men no longer live the average and unfulfilled life.

That they get more out of themselves and others and are willing to face the discomfort to get it.

This experience isn’t a joke.

You will be pushed, you will be challenged and there may be certain points where you want to quit…

But if you commit to this process, you’ll be on an upward trajectory in creating transformation in your life.


If you take action right out of the gates, you’ll see results within the first week.

The first exercise will bring you clarity and focus on what you want to create in the four months ahead. We then will jump on a call and ensure that your main areas of focus are clear and achievable.

From there, there isn’t a measurement that can determine what you’ll create.

I’ve seen men finally become proud of who they are…

Grow their business to new levels…

Being able to speak honestly and with confidence to their intimate partner, family members and co-workers…

The possibilities are endless.

If you show up and give it your all during the experience, you’ll see major growth in your life too.


The Authentic Man is a unique experience.

It stands above many of the other coaching programs out there.

You see there are so many programs that are only giving you half of the roadmap that you need to succeed.

Some programs are great at giving you the mental skills and daily routines to create consistency and momentum in your life. However, they don’t have the goal-setting processes in place to actually help you move forward.

Or you’ll find that some programs do have the goal setting and planning in place, but they don’t address the core being of who you are. So it’s great that you can set up those plans, but what happens when you face resistance, fears or simply don’t want to go after the goal anymore?

A big issue that I see as well is that most programs don’t have an individual coaching component to them. So you’re left having to do it all on your own or you’ll get some attention in a group program. So you’ll make some progress, but you’ll likely find that a lot of your core issues won’t get attention due to the lack of time on the calls.

That is where The Authentic Man excels over these other programs.

You’ll be supported on a weekly basis in a private coaching experience that addresses both the core of who you are and the life that you want to design.



The Authentic Man is one who is at peace with who he is in the world. There is an inner love and knowing of your greatness and how you impact the world.

This is fostered through a deeper understanding of who you are and the gifts that you bring to the world.

This aspect of the program is not left up to chance.

You will become much more attuned to the man you are and will powerfully choose who you want to become.


This is a huge step in the creation of an authentic life and it’s where most people fail to reach their potential.

They approach the creation of their life from a place of pain or fear of what it will feel like if they don’t create the things they say they want. This dynamic is disempowering and often leads to a loss of motivation and consistency over time.

We take a different approach in this program and it’s a model that will have you feeling clear on your overall vision, purpose and steps required to make your dreams actually become reality.


Inevitably on the pathway to your success, you will run into roadblocks. Whether that is a roadblock of your own creation or with bosses, intimate partners, family members, etc. This is an area that a lot of people struggle to muster the courage to ever address.

After completing this program, you may still have fears or discomfort with conflict in your life, but you’ll be empowered and have the experience to support you in facing those hurdles time and time again. 


Most of us can create a vision, set a goal and move in some direction.

The problem I notice is that most people aren’t actually clear on where they are headed and as a result, they drop their commitments and then feel even worse than before…

You’ll have the support, practices and accountability in place to move toward completion of your commitments.

Others will see this strength in you and be inspired to both support and follow your path as they see the consistency that you are creating.


Most of the world is overworked, tired and joyless…

You may even be experiencing this yourself right now.

Through this experience, you’ll be challenged to shift your thinking and create ways that you can generate more joy, play and adventure in your life.

You’ll also learn to reward yourself for all the great work that you are doing in the world and be supported to rest, take time away, create meaningful experiences and create the fulfilling life you’ve deeply desired.


Here Are Some of the Results Of Men Who Have Completed This Experience

You’ve Got A Choice To Make

If you’ve reached this far, I applaud you in your willingness to learn how The Authentic Man can help you on your journey.

You’ve reached a crossroads here.

This is your opportunity to finally create the life that you want.

You’ve got a decision to make.

Do you continue to go down the same path that you’ve been on?

Worried about what others think, not getting your needs met and continuing to hide the greatness within you…

Or do you choose a new path?

One where you have full control of your life and decide what you want right now.

The choice is yours and I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about The Authentic Man, if you feel that it would support you.

Feel free to email me [email protected] if you have any questions about the experience.

If you are ready, click the button below to schedule a discovery call with me today.